Why death is just death. Leila Marie Patzies

The solo deals with the themes of depression, death, individuality and togetherness. How our inner animal connects with the true self and the macrocosm and our separation from the true self creates confusion.

The longing for death as a consequence of a diseased society in which the individual can hardly fulfil his primary needs for happiness and harmonious coexistence. I draw inspiration for the theme from personal experiences through my own depression and those of those close to me.

A text excerpt from the book “Tokyo Blues” by Haruki Murakami is a further inspiration for the piece and will be incorporated into the performance by the musician in the future in the form of read text, spoken song or improvisation with excerpts of the text. 

A play with the viewer’s perception, with the mind. A sensory overload? 

The mind and perception take on new forms. Especially in relation to the current situation (Covid) and its consequences. 

I think it is important to destigmatise the process of depression by normalising a taboo.

By looking at this depiction of the subject of “depression”, as well as my subjective feelings, I would like to make this generally avoided and difficult to concretise subject tangible.

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