Critical Masculinities in Movement. Josema Enríquez

Male monotony and masculinities

Together with Marc Carrera I want to play with the idea of masculinity and how it is inscribed in our bodies, everyday movements and non-daily movements (aka artistic-aesthetic movement). For this we first would seek to (un)define the idea of masculinity by exchanging views, feelings, approaches, perspectives, etc, about our own masculinity. We are not sure what masculine really means because it goes much beyond and much deeper than well known, sometimes artificial and rather boring topics.

We don’t want to play with flat ideas or with superficial and widespread images of masculinity. We would rather like to open an exchange about our real-life first-hand experiences, and afterwards to play with the idea of masculinity: our own, as well as the normative masculinity (whatever we agree that is).

These series of encounters are thought of as practical workshops on critical masculinities with a focus on movement (the body in motion). They aim to be a process of critique (theory & praxis) on two levels: individual and collective (concerning normative structures). It is a search for bodily aesthetic outcomes for a possible masculinity, aiming to somehow overcome the binary gender logic of male-female.

The working method consists of making a catalogue of supposedly masculine movements in order to be able to deconstruct them later on. We will work with individual improvisation and collective composition, directly aligned with our subjective and objective approach to the subject, namely, critical masculinities (in plural).

In November and December 2021, two workshop-blocks were offered at Die Etage in Berlin.

Password: impact2022

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