Traumgirl RMX. Anne Welenc

Thanks to the DIS-TANZEN-SOLO scholarship I was able to re-create my solo piece about female sex work from 2019. Including the recent changes that our private-, work- and sex lives went through, “Traumgirl RMX” focusses even more on the fragility of what we consider as stable, logic and given.

At first I rewrote the entire script, focussing on deepening the topics of work and intimacy in relation to freedom. Afterwards me and Daniel Hellmann, my collaborator and original initiator of “Traumgirl RMX” , put the new scenes, songs and rough ideas into the version of 2019.

“Traumgirl RMX” had its Premier at the Jerkoff Festival at the Centre Culturel Swiss in Paris. For the first time I was able to show this piece in a country, where the purchase of sex is completely illegal (the regulations are known as the „swedish Model“.).

As the show is interactive, the audience constantly has the possibility to get in contact with me via SMS. For the first time I used a person for live-translation, which also gave a lot to the performativity of the show.

Here are some impressions of the conversation with the audience.

„Bist du Sexarbeiterin?“

Ok. Forget this first question 😉 What would be your advice for someone who would like to begin sexwork in 2021?“

„Do guys ask you if you’re acting/performing? And what do you answer to them?“

„C’est quoi ce truc avec ta chatte en gros plan au début du spectacle?“

Screenshot Anne Welenc
Screenshot Anne Welenc

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